Here in the Piket-Bo-Berg we firmly believe in the importance of education. In line with this we have extended our commitment to the upiftment of our community by providing a broader learning centre that focuses not only on the children and young adults on Mouton’s Valley, but will also give those from neighbouring farms the opportunity to attend.

You, as a U rider, are a big part of this: The proceeds of The U go towards covering the running costs of projects and the salaries of staff employed to manage and facilitate initiatives at the  Mouton’s Valley Community Learning Centre.

Mouton’s Valley Pty Ltd and the Starke family will invest in the physical structures needed to set up the MV CLC and the exciting first phase is currently being rolled out. So far, we have purchased brand new computers (there will be 12 work stations and an instructor station, with an overhead projector and large screen) as well as furniture.

In the interim (while the permanent infrastructure is being constructed) the computer centre will be set up in a container-style structure and we will start rolling out basic computer courses and tutorials for school learners early in January 2021.

Community 3
Community 1

Big things start small – our computer centre is up and running!

Our ultimate goal is for the Mouton’s Valley Community Learning Centre to have:

After school care

Homework classes for all ages

A computer centre

An adult education facility


Music room/dance studio

Kitchen facility

Office space

including an office for our local NPO – The Piket-Bo-berg Residents Association

Clinic facilities

Consulting room for a social worker

In terms of a staffing, the full compliment will eventually include:

    • A Centre Manager
    • 4 cleaning and ground staff
    • Teachers to facilitate homework classes
    • Tutors to provide special support for maths, science and languages
    • Sports coaches for rugby, netball, athletics and soccer
    • Instructors for ballet, music and other dance forms
    • A co-ordinator for creative arts & crafts programs
    • Skills training facilitators